Hair Removal

     Reveal beautiful, smooth skin and never shave again! I use the highest quality hypoallergenic hard wax available for your sensitive areas. Hard wax is a virtually painless wax that is heated at a low temperature making it an ideal choice for underarms, face, and bikini areas. For larger areas, like your legs and back, a soft wax is thinly applied and removed with strips. In some cases soft wax may be used on the the face, but only when necessary.

     Regular visits every 3 to 5 weeks produces the best waxing results. Waxing weakens the hair follicle and over time your hair will grow back thin, fine and sparse making the entire experience more comfortable. If you are new to waxing and have any questions about the process, please contact me at (971) 270-8103. I am happy to answer all of your questions about what to expect. Please allow for a minimum of 1/4 inch of hair (approximately 3 weeks growth) before coming in for your appointment.  Discount waxing packages are available…

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Facial Waxing

Brows $20


Lip $15


Chin $15


Cheeks $15

Nose $15

Ears $15


Sideburns $15

Hairline $15


Face (any two) $25
Face (any four) $45

Body Waxing

Stomach $25
Stomach Strip $10

Underarms $20
Full Arm $40
Half Arm $30

Full Leg $60
Half Leg $35


Bikini Line $30
French Bikini $40
Brazilian $70
Maintenance Brazilian $50








Full Back $50
Half Back $35

Chest $25
Shoulders $20