Davines Haircolor

     Taking inspiration from beauty, nature and tradition, Davines creates shampoos, conditioners, haircolor and styling products to benefit more than just your hair.  Davines is a family owned Italian company that believes in sustainable beauty with several product families that have a net zero impact on the environment.   Visit the Davines website for more information about their mission and integrity.  Treatment time:  2-3 hours approximately


All Over Color – $75+

Partial Highlights – $80+

Full Highlights – $110+

New Growth Retouch – $65+

High Gloss Treatment – $20 add on

Corrective Color – Consultation required

Deep Conditioning Mask – $20 add on

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Davines Hair Coloring Systems

The New technology of Mask with Vibrachrom combines studies and ingredients from natural, cosmetic and textile worlds to guarantees high-performance, meet the needs of professional stylists and to give the clients a unique experience through the salon service.

• Extra shine            • High conditioning effect            • Outstanding colour durability

Quinoa Protein Extract:  This natural origin ingredient increases colour absorption and retention inside the hair fibres, minimizing the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.  The quinoa used in this line’s formulations comes from Peru, where it is cultivated in total respect for the local populations and the environment.

Conditioning Agent Rich in OMEGA 9:  From the cosmetic world this plant-based conditioning agent, guarantees vibrant and shiny colours thanks to a lipidic film which protect and nourishes the hair fiber, compacts the cuticles thus enhancing light refraction.

Phospholipid Carrier:  The world of textiles provided a phospholipid carrier, never used before in cosmetics, increasing pigments penetration inside the hair and ensuring an even colour from root to end.  It also improves the colour deposit on the hair, making it shiny, bright and long-lasting.

Davines A New ColorA NEW COLOUR
An authentic emblem of Sustainable Beauty, A NEW COLOUR is an innovative system in 3 components, for permanent colouring with truly extraordinary results which avoid the use of ammonia, making use instead of the properties of natural active ingredients which are carefully balanced.

• Odourless and Ammonia Free            • Highly Durable Colour             • Deeply Conditioning

The strong point of the formulations, the same colourings used by Nature to create its chromatic glory day after day: carotenoids – vegetable pigments with an antioxidant action (that influence the colouring of various creatures including insects), and vegetable melanin, an antioxidant and anti-free radical, extracted from the date palm. To create the alkaline environment on the hair necessary for the pigments to penetrate, Davines laboratories have replaced ammonia by monoethanolamine (MEA), a hydro-soluble, biodegradable biological substance, completely odourless, boosted by a synergy with metasilicate, a mineral quartz agent with remarkable light refraction capacity.

A formula revolution that represents a turnaround for colour services, bringing the stylist’s creativity to the fore and simplifying the technique, with the certainty of a result with multiple plus points: a service that is enjoyable and gentle, free from unpleasant effects and odours; the impact of the colours, velvety, intense and multi-faceted; the poly-sensorial fascination of hair that is soft, hydrated, and lastingly shiny.

A direct dye colour line formulated with up to 98% natural derived ingredients.  Finest Pigments is a gentle, ammonia free colour system lasting 8 – 10 washes.  This collection has 14 color options as well as a high-gloss conditioning gel.